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    Best Summer Destinations vacation spots for 2013

    Travel Experiences — By on April 23, 2013 at 7:42 am

    Summer HolidaysSummer is one hot time of the year and one gets pretty frustrated along the way as the continuous hot climate makes one pretty exhausted. To get your mind back, it is necessary that a little vacation must be enjoyed in order to get one back on track.

    Summer is here. This means that the temperatures will continue to soar high and above from now onwards. It’s not long from now people will come out of their homes and look out for vacation destinations all over the world. Here we have some of the best destinations you can select for your vacation spots in the year 2013 and spend your leisure time exploring beautiful horizons of the world.

    Toronto, Canada:

    Toronto Canada

                    Being one of the biggest cities of Canada and one of the fastest developing hubs of information exchange in the world, Toronto is a beautiful city that is currently undergoing huge cultural, entertainment and financial change and is expected to be big and booming. Developments and construction is going on all around and the city is quite a remarkable place to visit with all of its beautiful sights and delicious food courts that are springing all over. That not all, the cheap rates and affordability level at the city is also amazing, with the average hotel rate to be lower than $150! There’s a lot to visit and see in this town off Lake Ontario and is loaded with numerous

    outdoor activities you can enjoy and relish such as hiking, biking and canoeing.

    Antalya, Turkey:


    Antalya is one of most amazing vacations spots one this planet with a unique blend of cultural, modern and metropolis areas within the same territory. The city has a very beautiful and rather unending beach spot that adds up to its beauty.The most amazing feature is that it was one of the most visited tourist spots in 2011 according to a study and yet has seen an overall more than 25% decrease in prices all over. The city is one of the most prime locations to be and is flooded with myriads of tourists from all over the world.Home to some of the most luxurious 5-star hotels and places that an average man can only dream of; yet the prices that are as low as $100 at some hotels make it in affordability range of many people. The ancient side of the city is also very attractive and has quite a lot of sightseeing mounds and archaeological sites that are approximately from 7500BC!

    Loire valley, France:

    FRANCE Loire valley sunset

      One of the most beautiful places to visit on this planet earth, Loire valley can undoubtedly send your mind bedazzled with its nonstop beautiful views at the disposal of your eyes!Featuring a very beautiful Chateau(castle in French), vineyards and amazingly lush green fields, Loire Valley is indeed rightly ranked as one of the cultural heritages of France. The best way to be at the valley of dreams is to rent a car in Paris and drive 150 kilometers from there to the Loire Valley. It is because you wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful nature along the way. July and August are the busiest times of the year as tourists from all over the world are here. Most advisable time to be at the Valley is Spring.